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  • Writer's pictureAlina Ivanova, CEO of Arline

Arline Benchmarks: Automated Benchmarking Platform for Quantum Compilers

We are delighted to announce the release of Arline Benchmarks which is the first open-source automated benchmarking platform for quantum compilers! The name was given to the honour of Arline Greenbaum, the first wife of Richard Feynman, one of the greatest physicists of all times, the father of modern quantum mechanics and quantum computing.

Efficient compilation of quantum algorithms and circuit optimisation is vital in the era of noisy intermediate scaly noisy devices. While there are multiple quantum circuit compilation and optimisation frameworks available, such as Qiskit (IBM), Pytket (CQC), Cirq (Google), there is no good way to compare their performance. Understanding the performance of the compilation frameworks is essential for the design process of efficient and useful solutions for today real-life problems.

Arline Benchmarks solves this problem by providing the solution for cross-benchmarking of quantum compilers. The comparison of different quantum compilation frameworks is based on a set of relevant metrics, such as final gate count, circuit depth, compiler runtime etc. Moreover, Arline Benchmarks allows user to combine circuit compilation and optimisation routines from different providers in a custom compilation pipeline to achieve the best performance.

The cherry on top is a pdf report with results of benchmarking and relevant analytics that is generated in a fully automated way!

Arline Benchmarks is currently available as a free software in the public domain at Github under the AGPL3 license.

We are welcoming all quantum computer researchers and enthusiasts to explore Arline Benchmarks capabilities and perhaps design more efficient compilation strategies!

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